Mission & Vision


The school crest is in the shape of a big thick bordered shield with the school motto 'Learn to Shine' inscribe on it. In middle of shield there is the five-point star. The message of the crest and of mottoes is indicative of the goal set for this school. The five point star is the symbolic of the excellence and quality the school wishes to achieve. The lower four points of the star are indicative of four main qualities to be developed in the personalities of the pupil i.e. they ought to be made good learners, good persons, good worker and good citizens. The upper longer point of the star is symbolic of the useful integrated personality of the pupil who will combine with the above four qualities and go out in service of the society to shine in life. Thus the motto 'learn to shine' is the gist of activity of the school, 'Learn to Shine' is also symbolic of the same goal.


CVPS aims at creating the right climate and environment for a child's physical, mental, emotional, moral and ethical development. The students here should learn to enjoy the excitement of learning and acquire a life long quest for knowledge. They need to enjoy freedom along with a sense of responsibility. They must become thinking beings who can explore their inner potential and develop it in such a way that they may be able to face global challenges. They must enjoy worldly success along with a sense of social responsibility.

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